Frequently Asked Questions

Who is suitable to use this Forex Robot?
Anyone, including beginners who do not understand at all, even to professional traders. Because the robots marketed on the masterforexid.com Marketplace are 100% Fully Automatic types and are quality and tested/verified robots.

What broker is recommended for trading here?
You are free to use any forex brokerage company. What you have to pay attention to is that the broker is a well-known broker, uses the MT4 platform for trading software, and they allow trading with EA Robot, and can pay your profit later.
Type account Metatrader4 demo or live account - Cent, Micro, ECN or Standard account type.

What is the percentage of profit that can usually be generated?
Varies depending on the type of robot and the configuration of the level of risk. Usually an average of 15% to 25% per Month (fluctuating). and past results do not guarantee future profits at all.

Can I withdraw funds at any time?
Yes, and you can contact the brokerage company you are using. (Funds withdrawn should be worth the profit generated.) It's worth noting! that if there are still open orders that have not been closed and you still want to withdraw ALL of the funds, then the robot chart screen must be completed first (so that the robot stops), and then all open orders must be closed until they are completed. After you've finished all of your open positions, you should withdraw your equity funds through the brokerage company you're using.